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October 2012



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Oct. 10th, 2012

Hey it has been a while guys!

Hello hello again once again guys.

Sorry for the recent few journals which may make me look like some kind of whiny person, but that time during the winter when my eyes were so dry and itchy really bothered me. So word to the wise: Dry and itchy eyes = Don't rub them!

Well off to the great tasty center of my journal, I am in college now and I do have future plans besides pass all my classes. In the summer I plan to go to Scotland, but however I do not have a job or a source of income to afford the airline ticket. It is just about over $1000 to fly anywhere out of the country. So any pointers anyone is willing to share about raising money or having an online job will be appreciated.

To take it a step further with why someone would recommend me a job online: I have three years of media experience. So if anyone is looking for a designer for online purposes, I'm your buddy! :3

Feb. 29th, 2012

Dieu Est Mon Assassin Series

In February I had came up with a series of images called Dieu Est Mon Assassin, which is French for : God is my murderer. I had used Google Translate to get the name, so if it's inaccurate then I am in trouble.

Dieu Est Mon Assassin series of images will be made in kind of chronological order. Each Dieu Est Mon Assassin will seem more advanced and gruesome than the next.So far I had made Un and Duex. Trios will be made soon. I might even post the pictures up once I have uploaded them to art websites. I am not entirely consistent with many art websites, except for Fur Affinity. I think I have my link kicking around here somewhere. 

Anticipate Dieu Est Mon Assassin Trios soon! That's if you enjoy perversions of the cross.

How I came across creating Dieu Est Mon Assassin, was when I listened to a whole bunch of remixes of Closer by Nine Inch Nails. I had envisioned a gruesome display of crosses that people still worshiped and felt some righteousness in their brutal act. The message 'God is my murderer' is the victim's message that they left for the followers of God. Those who could understand the message will know that if they carry out their God's will, they are just murdering.

In each version of Dieu Est Mon Assassin, there's an extra message in the description of the picture.

Un : "... he and his mindless sheep."
Duex : ".... he and his brainless tribe."

Now some of you may think I am doing this for harassment towards Christians or those who use the Cross as their symbol, but believe me I mean well. I do not outright hate religions, even though monotheistic religions (One God, one way, one set of laws, one view. Very similar no matter what it's called. If it has one God, it could be similar to the next monotheistic religion.) have been a negative impact to history because let's not forget about the burning of the Ancient Library of Alexandria (The library is a new tid-bit of information to me, not at all confident about it being proof.) , Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, Witch Hunts, burning books and impacts that happen today. If anyone is going to be offended they will most likely be an extremist. I am not saying go hate the monotheistic religions, those past events could be just wrong decisions or big mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Really Dieu Est Mon Assassin is a series of pictures that depict the brutal display of what the extremists will do for their God, their excuse to kill. Then from beyond the grave the message 'Dieu Est Mon Assassin' appears.

Feb. 28th, 2012

So Tired, Eyes Tichy

I am so tired but my eyes are so dry and itchy. Pleh.

Writer's Block: Million Dollar Smile

I remember back when I was two or three ( A LOT of stuff happened when I was two or three. ) I had acquired five dollars. Gave it to my parents.
What is the most amount of money the tooth fairy has given you for a tooth?

Here I am, Here I go

To start off my journal posting or blogging whatsit, I want to start by saying I am not really good at keeping blogs or journals. Usually I fall out of line or whatever because laziness gets to me. Hopefully I will adopt better habits other than finding ways to not do anything.

So far in my life I know I have to get my act together with English Class. Reading a book I absolutely hate and have no interest in reading. Then there's the science project. I am planning to make a magnetic rail launcher ( Proper name is magnetic rail gun, but launcher will make it sound more friendly ). Originally my plan is to freeze goldfish with a homemade concoction of liquid nitrogen and thaw them out at different times to see how well the function afterwards. That seemed fun at first but then I got to thinking about the fish, how much it would cost me to get the materials and the constant survey of their behaviors. So I will drop that to make the magnetic rail launcher which is easier and cheaper for me to do. Reading up on some articles I can make one from a wooden ( Or plastic, but ones with a groove in the middle is best .) ruler, four magnets and nine balls. I can get the balls from dollar store magnet toys, but the magnets cannot come from the toy. I will need powerful magnets and tape them to the ruler. With the balls in place I, I will have to see how it fires. The description of the project didn't state which ball fires. Either the ones next to the magnets or the one you set. However there is a lot I can do with magnets, such as making them 'levitate'.

Well this is my first entry, let's see how it goes on from here.